Shuangshuang(双双中文) Semi-private class Monday 3-4pm(EST)

$160.00 $160.00

Course Description This program focuses on the development of reading and writing skills in a small group setting . Student will use Pinyin (the Chinese phonetic system) to read Chinese books and passages independently. Subject matter concepts in history,  geography, science, and ancient Chinese myths, legends, and fables reading. In addition,  students will study radicals in depth so that they can use them as a tool to infer the meanings  of new and complicated Chinese characters. Class will meet once a week for one hour.
Teacher Yanyi Fang from Brighter Bee AcademyYanyi Fang, graduated from New York University, is passionate about teaching and sharing Chinese language and culture with children. Given her past experience teaching in Sishu Chinese Language School in New York, Koo Chinese Academy in New Jersey, Maylan International Academy in Atlanta and All Round Education Academy in Hong Kong, along with her academic background in linguistics, she is confident in her ability to be a highly effective teacher for students. She focuses on the individual needs of the students and takes into consideration their different backgrounds with the subject in order to make them feel comfortable and to help them learn. Teacher also assigns some interesting and engaging learning projects for the students, in order to stimulate learners and support them to become more proactive, exploratory, and cooperative.
Age Prek – Kinergarten
Textbook / Material 本课程将使⽤双双中⽂第二册教材。
Class Time

Every Monday  3-4 pm (EST) 

7/5- 8/23

8 sessions in total

Class Detail 教学目标:

  • 学会认读和书写简单的汉字
  • 领会汉字的笔画笔顺,偏旁部首
  • 掌握日常生活中口语会话
  • 作业轻松、活泼、不枯燥
  • 课本知识面广,趣味性强,深入浅出
  • 寓教于乐,图文并茂,有故事、对话、诗歌、表演剧、计分游戏、短视频来增加趣味性和学生参与度
  • 将汉字和中国文化的学习同步进行,培养学生会中文,又懂中华文化