Robotics with Scratch


Course Description The Codey Rocky robot combines hardware with software, allowing children to learn about programming while they play and create. Using mBlock, a software which supports both blocked-based and Python programming, Codey Rocky takes children by their hands and leads them into the world of avant-garde technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities, giving them a competitive edge in the AI era.

This course will give students basic concepts of programming in the context of robotics. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to and master different types of electronic components through programming, such as LEDs, motors, and ultrasonic distance sensors. By programming every mode made by the robot, not only will children understand each line of code intuitively, but they will also find it a rewarding experience through hardware creation. As a result, this course serves to cultivate student’s interest to continue pursuing robotics, and lays the foundations for potential robotics competitions in the future, such as FIRST Lego League and FIRST tech challenge. As the course progresses, we will dive into advanced concepts such as obstacle avoidance and path-following.

Teacher Jerry Hou from Brighter Bee Academy

Jerry initially found his interest in robotics from his electronics design class in middle school. Beginning in ninth grade, he participated in FIRST Robotics Competition for four years, serving as software lead, outreach lead, and team captain. He led the team to qualify for FRC World Championships for three consecutive years and to receive the Engineering Inspiration Award, a recognition for the team’s robotics instruction programs to elementary school students in the local community. Jerry has 150+ hours of experience in robotics instruction, and served as programming judge for University of Missouri’s robotics challenge for elementary school students.


  • Led high school team to qualify 3x to World Championships for the first time in 8 years
  • Organized 37+ Robotics workshops in the community as part of STEM outreach efforts, recognized by one FIRST Chairman’s Award and two Engineering Inspiration Awards from 2017-2019
  • 150+ hours of teaching experience to elementary school students.
  • Invited robotics judge at MU Robotics Challenge
  • Currently pursuing a degree in computer science at Duke University
Grade G2-G3
Prerequisite Ability to perform basic computer operations
Ability to type on the computer using keyboard
Textbook / Material Codey Rocky Robotics Kit, click here to purchase kit.
Class Time

Every Wednesday  7:00- 8:00pm (EST)

From Jan 6th – Jun. 16th
20 weeks in total
No class on

Main Topics
  • Robots: Introduction to Codey Rocky hardware
  • Events and Sequences:  How things fit together
  • Loops: For loops, infinite loops, finding bugs in code
  • Conditionals: if… else… and their applications in robotics
  • Functions: Use functions: Codey Rocky does morning routine
  • Variables: concept of variables, comparison, random; Codey Rocky plays rock paper scissors
  • Robots: Make-a-turn; avoid obstacles; follow a line