Math Olympiad Level 3 – online – Monday 4:30


Course Description

Math Olympiad aims to discover the “fun” in mathematics and enhance children’s logic reasoning ability by focusing on the exploration of different problem-solving strategies. The course uses Beast Academy as the main contents and adds in Gao Si Math (Chinese Math Olympiad Text book) and basic practices to complete the math competition learning system.

Teacher Mr. Qin from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Monday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM (EST)

From 9/13/2021 –  12/13/2021

14 Sessions in Total

Prerequisite Please contact us to request Placement Test
Main Topics
Basics BAG4-3: Exponents
Manipulating Expressions with Exponents BAG4-3: Exponents
Exponent Expression Puzzle BAG4-3: Exponents
Counting List BAG4-4: Counting, 高思3A5, 3A6, 4A22
Possibilities BAG4-4: Counting, 高思3A2, 3A14
Venn Diagrams BAG4-4: Counting
Arrangement (Count Possibilities) BAG4-4: Counting, 高思3B4
Complex Cycles Counting Problem 高思 3A15, 3A16
Addition and Subtraction Advanced Problems 高思3A3, 3A7
Division Strategy (split a quotient into parts) BAG4-5: Division
Divisibility BAG4-5: Division
Difference & Multiple Problems 高思3A12, 3A13
Unit Problem 高思3A8
Comprehensive Integer Calculation 高思4A1
Logic Reasoning BAG4-6: Logic
Logic Puzzle BAG4-6: Logic