Math Olympiad Level 2 – online – Wednesday 5:15


Course Description

Math Olympiad aims to discover the “fun” in mathematics and enhance children’s logic reasoning ability by focusing on the exploration of different problem-solving strategies. The course uses Beast Academy as the main contents and adds in Gao Si Math (Chinese Math Olympiad Text book) and basic practices to complete the math competition learning system.

Teacher Eileen Wu from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Wednesday 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM (EST)

From 9/15/2021 –  12/15/2021

14 Sessions in Total

Prerequisite Please contact us for Placement Test
Main Topics
Stacking addition & subtraction, checking results BAG2-11. Algorithms (+&−)
Stacking puzzles BAG2-11. Algorithms (+&−)
Organization BAG2-12. Problem Solving
Solve a Simpler Problem BAG2-12. Problem Solving
Make a Model BAG2-12. Problem Solving
Classifying Angles & Triangles BAG3-1: Shapes
Classifying Quadrilaterals BAG3-1: Shapes
Counting Shapes & Puzzles BAG3-1: Shapes
Patterns & Commutativity BAG3-2: Skip-Counting
Starting at Different Numbers BAG3-2: Skip-Counting
Perimeter & Triangle Inequality BAG3-3: Perimeter & Area
Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes BAG3-3: Perimeter & Area
Area of regular & rectilinear shapes BAG3-3: Perimeter & Area
Spliting and Combining Shapes 高思1B13, 1B15
Multiplication Strategies: reordering, *4/8, *5, *10 BAG3-4: Multiplication
Multiplication Word Problems BAG3-4: Multiplication, 高思2A13