Math Olympiad Level 2 (3rd Grade/Advanced 2nd Grade)



Course Description

Math Olympiad aims to discover the “fun” in mathematics and enhance children’s logic reasoning ability by focusing on the exploration of different problem-solving strategies. The 7 modules covered in each level are: calculation, counting, combinatorics, puzzles, geometry, word problems, and number theory.

Teacher Yumeng Chen from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Tuesday 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (EST)

From Feb 2nd – Jun. 15th
14 weeks in total
No class on


Master the 4 operations

Main Topics
  • Calculation: Efficient multiplication & division problem calculations; The distributive property of multiplication; Arithmetic—the 4 operations; The sum of arithmetic sequences
  • Counting: The split strategy; Enumeration; Dendrogram
  • Combinatorics: Pigeonhole principle, strategy games for odd & even numbers
  • Puzzles: Multiplication & division puzzles with vertically stacked numbers
  • Geometry: Calculations of lengths and angles; Compose shapes
  • Word problem: Sum, difference, & multiple (advanced); Profit & loss problems; Ancient Chinese puzzle— Chicken & Rabbit (basic);
  • Number theory: Division with no remainder (advanced)