Math Olympiad Level 1 – online – Tue 4:15


Course Description

Math Olympiad aims to discover the “fun” in mathematics and enhance children’s logic reasoning ability by focusing on the exploration of different problem-solving strategies. The course uses Beast Academy as the main contents and adds in Gao Si Math (Chinese Math Olympiad Text book) and basic practices to complete the math competition learning system.

Teacher Eileen Wu from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Tuesday 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM (EST)

From 9/15/2021 –  12/15/2021

14 Sessions in Total

Prerequisite Master addition & subtraction problems within 10;
Main Topics
Directions and Mazes 高思1A10
Basic Shapes and Solid Shapes 高思1A4
Different Views of 3-D Shapes 高思1A11
Pirate Symbols and regrouping, convert to numbers BAG2-1. Place Value
Breaking and Regrouping BAG2-1. Place Value
Adding and Subtracting 1, 10, and 100 BAG2-1. Place Value
The Number Line BAG2-2. Comparing
Comparing BAG2-2. Comparing
Ordering (missing digits) BAG2-2. Comparing
Sum with regrouping BAG2-3. Addition
Addition strategies: counting up and compensation BAG2-3. Addition, 高思1B16
Addition strategies: adding then taking away, rearranging BAG2-3. Addition, 高思1B7
Doubles and addition estimates BAG2-3. Addition
Place value subtraction strategy BAG2-4. Subtraction
Addition and Subtraction BAG2-4. Subtraction
Subtraction strategy: counting up, subtract then add BAG2-4. Subtraction
Subtraction strategy: changing difference, changing order BAG2-4. Subtraction