Math Olympiad Level 1 (2nd Grade/Advanced 1st Grade)


Course Description

Math Olympiad aims to discover the “fun” in mathematics and enhance children’s logic reasoning ability by focusing on the exploration of different problem-solving strategies. The 7 modules covered in each level are: calculation, counting, combinatorics, puzzles, geometry, word problems, and number theory.

Teacher Yumeng Chen from Tong Yan School
Class Time

Every Saturday 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM (EST)

From Feb 6th – Jun. 19th
14 weeks in total
No class on

Prerequisite Master addition & subtraction problems within 100;
Understand the concepts of multiplication and division;
Multiplication facts fluency.
Main Topics
  • Calculation: Efficient addition & subtraction problem calculations; Looking for patterns in number sequences; Looking for shape patterns (advanced); Addition & subtraction equations.
  • Counting: Counting regular 2D & 3D shapes.
  • Combinatorics: Odd & even number problems (basic); Basic logic reasoning; Matchstick puzzles; Eulerian path.
  • Puzzles: Filling signs; Vertically stacked shapes puzzle; Addition & subtraction puzzles with vertically stacked numbers; Sudoku puzzle.
  • Geometry: The transformations of 2D shapes; The learning of 2D & 3D shapes; Nets for 3D shapes; Multi-view—Advanced three-view drawings.
  • Word problem: Measurement; Age problems(basic); Balance scale; Backwards reasoning strategy; Sum, difference, & multiple (basic).
  • Number theory: Division with no remainder (basic).