Logical Thinking II (Age 5-6)


Course Description This “nontraditional” math class aims to provide preschoolers with a rich and engaging environment in which their mathematical thinking ability can be built and developed. The goal of this class is to introduce the “fun” and the “beauty” of math to the young learners to boost their positive attitude toward mathematics before they officially step into schools. In addition, the course focuses on enhancing young learners’ mathematical language skills to improve their expressiveness. Origami, cutting, and small experiments will also be included as class activities to improve children’s observation skills and fine motor abilities.
Teacher Eileen Wu from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Wednesday 5:30  – 6:20 PM (EST)

From July 5 – August 27

Main Topics Logic reasoning

  • Sudoku
  • “Elimination” method II (part a & b)

Numerical Learning

  • Odd & Even I & II


  • Venn Diagram I & II


  • Repeating patterns (a concept based)

Probability Intro

  • Probability I

Final Review Kahoot Game Quiz