Little Mathematician Level 3 Saturday 2PM


Course Description

  • Math can be FUN and CREATIVE. 
  • Little Mathematician aims to develop kids’ mathematical and logical thinking skills and interests from an early age, understand the world with math minds, and gain a wide breadth of knowledge in hand for future advanced learning. We will cover topics under four main modules: Logical Thinking, Geometry Exploration, Arithmetic Concept, Math in Real Life.
  • MAT 302 is the second semester of our advanced level course. Through fun activities, stories, and real life problems, our little mathematicians will be challenged to further develop their understanding in various math topics and to read, write, and solve more complex problems. 


Yi Xie from TongYan School


5 – 7 yrs old

Class Time

Every Saturday 2:00 – 3:00  pm (EST)

From Jan 16th – May. 1st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021  Spring Break


Main Topics: 

  • Logical Thinking: Venn Diagram, Logic reasoning and number puzzle
  • Geometry Exploration: Diagonal symmetry, 3D Spatial sense, Face of 3D shapes, Parallel & Perpendicular
  • Arithmetic Concept: Decimals, Compare and order fractions, Understanding parentheses, Multiplication and division word problems, Solve for the variables (addition & subtraction)
  • Math in Real Life: Line graphs, Coordinate planes, Elapsed time, Make changes
Prerequisites: Numbers up to 1000, addition & subtraction with regrouping, multiplication within 10, basic understanding of division and fraction, understand geometric elements (face, vertice, edge, angle, area, perimeter), basic understanding of probability (more likely, less likely)