Little Mathematician Level 2 Saturday 10-11am



Course Description
  • Little Mathematician aims to develop kids’ mathematical and logical thinking skills and interests from an early age, understand the world with math minds, and gain a wide breadth of knowledge in hand for future advanced learning. We will cover topics under four main modules: Logical Thinking, Geometry Exploration, Arithmetic Concept, Math in Real Life. 
  • MAT 201 is the first semester of our intermediate level course. Our little mathematicians will learn to apply their basic mathematical knowledge to solve real life problems, to gain confidence in math learning, and to jump start with some compelling math topics.
Teacher Yi Xie from TongYan School
Age 4 – 5 yrs old
Class Time

Every Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 AM (EST)

From Sep 11th – Dec 18th
No Class on Nov. 27th

14 weeks in total

Main Topics

  • Logical Thinking: Estimation, Intro to Probability
  • Geometry Exploration: Describe 2D shapes, Find Connections between 2D and 3D Shapes, Measuring Lengths by Inch
  • Arithmetic Concept: Natural Sequence Number 1 – 100, Place Value: Tens and Ones, Odd and Even, Skip Count by 10 & 5, Addition without regrouping Up to 100, Subtraction without regrouping Up to 100
  • Math in Real Life: Draw the Clock, Telling Time to Half an Hour, Identify Coins
Prerequisites: Know number sequence up to 20; Master addition & subtraction within 10; Basic understanding of 2D shapes; Read clock to every hour; Understand basic orientation (up, down, left, right)