Intensive English: K II



Course Description Intensive English: K (Part 2) is a continuation of the Fall semester course, which combines the end of their Kindergarten education with a headstart into 1st Grade. This interactive class improves phonics skills by introducing students to digraphs, diphthongs, sound blends and vowel sounds. Students will also build on their comprehension skills, vocabulary acquisition and use, phonics and word recognition, command of the conventions of the English language, and writing within the parameters of specific text types.
Teacher Jennifer from Brighter Bee Academy
Age 5-6
Class Time

Every Wednesday  4:00-4:45 pm (EST)

From Jan 6th – Jun. 16th
20 weeks in total
No class on

Class Detail
  • Reading Skills
    • Phonemic Awareness​ – Develop a phonological awareness is about understanding the sound structure of spoken language at a phonemic level (blending individual sounds to form a word and vice-versa)
    •  Recognizing Sight Words​ – Recognize grade-appropriate words and reading strategies for approaching new words
    • Reading Fluency​ – Able to engage in reading of familiar or unfamiliar
    • Comprehension of Text –  Identify key details, characters, settings and events in stories.
  • Writing Skills
    • Handwriting Skills – Print correct letter shape, size, spacing, and smoothness
    • Written Communication​ – Express ideas in writing using emergent spelling and known sight words