Intensive English: 1st Grade II



Course Description Intensive English: 1st Grade (Part 2) is a continuation of the Fall semester course which combines the end of their 1st Grade education with a headstart into 2nd Grade. Students will learn how to read and decode a variety of literature and informational texts, to build on Comprehension Skills, as well as their understanding of Literary Elements, Text Features and Vocabulary Strategies. Students will also get to practice their writing process as they correct errors, clarify writing by editing/revising, and improve existing drafts/writing plans through weekly Draft Writing exercises.
Teacher  Jennifer from Brighter Bee Academy
Age  6 – 7
Class Time

Every Friday  4:30-5:30 pm (EST)

From Jan 8th – Jun. 18th
20 weeks in total
No class on

Class Detail
  • Reading Skills

    • Develop understanding of vocabulary strategies (root words, context clues, antonyms, synonyms, multiple meaning words)

    • Mastery of phonics and phonemic awareness

    • Building reading comprehension skills (finding key details, author’s purpose, acknowledging text structures, comparing and contrasting within and between texts, finding cause-and-effect relationships, and identifying theme)

    • Text Analysis (character, plot, and setting; character point of view; the author’s use of figurative language)

  • Writing Skills

    • Develop clear voice, focus and organizational strategies in draft writing

    • Practice self-correction and editing/revising

    • Build on precision of sentence fluency and word choice