Intensive English: 1st Grade (Fri, 11:00am)


In Intensive English: 1st Grade, students will read advanced texts in an effort to hone their reading comprehension skills. In addition to reading comprehension, students will learn foundational practices for analyzing literature. This course includes a focus on language acquisition through phonics and word recognition and guided vocabulary study. In addition, there is an explicit emphasis on developing a command of the conventions of English writing, as Ms. Paula teaches students grammar and sentence structure rules. Students engage in various writing activities to practice what they learn in class and to prepare them for frequent, lengthy writing work of the later elementary years.

Students who enroll in this course should expect weekly homework. The weekly lessons and independent practice prepare students to excel and thrive in their elementary years, where a strong language foundation is critical to success.


Class Time
Every Friday 11:00 PM – 12:00 PM (EST)
From Sep. 11th – Dec. 18th (No class on Nov 27th)
14 weeks in total


This course will be taught by Paula Sim from Brighter Bee Academy.