In-Person Summer Class – Chinese Language Class


Course Description

Our Mandarin Chinese classes are based on themes, depicting images captured in the story of the day. Children will be encouraged to feel and discover what the characters are involved in. Through different stories and plots, children will develop cognitive, emotional, and artistic skills. Children will learn words, phrases, and sentences used in daily conversational Chinese through songs, games, videos, role play, and performances using task-based learning methods. Our goal is to introduce the students to the Chinese language and culture while helping them obtain basic conversation skills.

Teacher Yanyi Fang from Brighter Bee Academy. Yanyi Fang, graduated from New York University, is passionate about teaching and sharing Chinese language and culture with children. Given her past experience teaching in Sishu Chinese Language School in New York, Koo Chinese Academy in New Jersey, Maylan International Academy in Atlanta and All Round Education Academy in Hong Kong, along with her academic background in linguistics, she is confident in her ability to be a highly effective teacher for students. She focuses on the individual needs of the students and takes into consideration their different backgrounds with the subject in order to make them feel comfortable and to help them learn. Teacher also assigns some interesting and engaging learning projects for the students, in order to stimulate learners and support them to become more proactive, exploratory, and cooperative.
Age Age: Pre-K
Textbook / Material N/A
Class Time Tuesday 3:30pm-4:30pm (total 8 sessions in July and August)
Class Detail


  • 说文解字-How are Chinese characters drawn?
  • All About Me & You (share their likes and dislikes, feelings, family and favorite things)
  • Chinese traditional culture (衣食住行)
  • Looking Out Our Windows (Travel to China)