IEW Writing Foundations (Grades 3-4) Thursday 3:30PM



Course Description

This course is for incoming students ages 8-9 who have not studied the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s methodology, Structure and Style. Students will meet weekly throughout the summer to develop speaking and writing skills.

This course will teach students the foundations of the IEW methodology so that they are well-prepared to enter a full-year IEW writing class in the fall.

Teacher Sydney Hoff from Brighter Bee Academy

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree from Emory University, Sydney served as a writing tutor in the Emory Writing Center. There, she underwent rigorous training led by world-class, renowned Emory instructors on how to teach writing. She has tutored hundreds of university-level students, providing instruction and feedback on a range of writing assignments. Sydney also holds her accreditation from The Institute for Excellence in Writing as a Registered IEW Instructor. She has taught dozens of elementary students the art of writing according to the IEW methodology known as Structure and Style.

This course will be co-taught by RWC instructors Sydney Hoff, Lauren Bridgeford, and Lajiere Blake.

Grade This course is appropriate for rising 3rd to 4th grade students. This class is  6 students maximum
Textbook / Material
  • 2″ binder with dividers and lined paper
  • Materials for you to print will be distributed throughout the summer
Class Time

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 p.m.(EST)

Course Details


    • Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization
      • Receive exposure to high quality language patterns through child-friendly poetry
      • Practice introductory public speaking techniques through reciting poetry
    • Text Reconstruction
      • Create key word outlines of a passage according to the IEW methodology
      • Use these outlines to reconstruct passage in their own words
    • Stylistic Writing Techniques
      • Elevate writing through dress-ups and banned words
    • Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar
      • Vocabulary will be learned in relation to the texts that the students read
      • Grammar rules will be taught at the point of need when relevant to improving a student’s writing