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Course Description
  • This is a beginning grammar class for students in grades 4+ to learn fundamental grammar principles. This class will use the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Fix It! Grammar Nose Tree workbook. Students will learn new grammar principles each week and then for homework, students will become detectives who seek and correct grammar errors in sentences that are part of a real story. .
Teacher Ms. Lauren Bridgeford

  • Ms. Lauren Bridgeford is a NYC-based English teacher with fifteen years of classroom experience. In 2006, she began her teaching career as a curriculum specialist and K-12 educator for the Hillsborough County Public School District in Tampa, Florida. Soon after, Ms. Bridgeford transitioned to private education and for the past five years has served as a Senior Educator and English Language Teacher at the Oxford House College in Manhattan. Additionally, Ms. Bridgeford taught abroad in Cape Town, South Africa with a focus on early childhood education for two years. She possesses extensive experience in assessment techniques and curriculum design for child and adult ESL and General English courses.
  • In 2013, Ms. Bridgeford graduated with a BA in Languages, Literature, and Criticism from Hunter College. She has also obtained her DELTA certification (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University. Currently, Ms. Bridgeford is pursuing her accreditation as an IEW instructor as well as her master’s degree in Secondary Education.
Grade This course is appropriate for 4th grade+ Students
Textbook / Homework
  • The Nose Tree Student Workbook (sold here for $15)
  • Binder or notebook with lined paper
  • Small pouch for storing notecards
  • Students are responsible for obtaining course materials
  • Homework: Students will label and copy one sentence per day, four days per week. This should take 15 minutes daily, for one hour per week total.
Class Time

Monday at 6 – 6:45pm EST
Fall Semester (14 classes)
September 13, 2021 to December 13, 2021
*No class will be held on 11/22.
Spring Semester (22 classes)
January 3, 2022 to June 20, 2022
*No class will be held on 2/21 and 4/18.

Course Objectives Writing is a craft, much like building a house or a piece of furniture. Like builders, good writers are familiar with the “tools” of their trade. Grammar provides children with the tools necessary to effectively communicate at the written and spoken level. To express their thoughts and ideas effectively, children must appreciate the power of grammar in helping them construct clear sentences.

  • RWC’s Principles of Grammar Level One course is a full-year class that focuses on building a child’s awareness and appreciation of foundational grammar concepts. Through repeated practice and exposure, students will learn to organize and express their ideas with clarity and precision.