Happy Crafting Saturday 3:10pm


Course Description In this intermediate craft class, your child will finish 14 fun projects. These projects are carefully designed with love to encourage creative thinking, improve problem solving, and unleash their imagination. There are 5 themes, which will surely please our young, adventurous and creative souls. The finished projects can be played with and bring joy to them for hours. Upon finishing the course, children will learn to appreciate creating something beautiful by hand and achieve the sense of accomplishment.
Teacher Zhi Luo from Tong Yan School
Age  7 +
Class Time

 Every Saturday 3:10-4:30  pm (EST)

 From Jan 23th – May. 8st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021   Spring Break

  • Prehistoric Kingdom

Imagine yourself walking among the giants from the prehistoric time. Gentle sauropods, fierce meat eaters and soaring Pterodactyles.

  • Uncharted Waters

Get our ship ready, we will follow our captain. Set off to the faraway islands, looking for treasures.

  • Space Odyssey

Build and fix your own spaceship. Go explore our galaxy on a lone journey. You might make friends or enemies.

  • Enchanted Castle

In the Middle Age, important people lived in castles. Let’s make an enchanted castle where the King and Queen can host magical parties.

  • Fairy Wonderland

There are lots of fairies living in the Fairy Wonderland. They are small and sweet, singing and dancing with their insect friends.