Fun Chinese Reading-Level 2 In August(7+yr Sunday 10-11am in August CHR204)

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Course Description

This course “趣味中文阅读 Level 2“emphasizes on fun and comprehensiveness on both reading practice and meaningful content. We will choose meaningful reading topics, such as cultural knowledge, natural science knowledge, etc. These materials are also suitable for Intermediate level. There are also interesting and comprehensive practice activities, such as speaking and role-playing activities. The purpose is to strengthen students’ reading ability by means of meaningful and interesting content.


Xinting Lu from TongYan School



Class Time

Every Sunday 10:00 – 11:00 am (EST)

From Aug 8th – Aug 29th

4 weeks in total

Course Features

  • Our course usually starts with story time or meaningful material display. Each week the teacher will choose an interesting topic, highlighting comprehensive ability and useful knowledge learning.
  • The second part emphasizes on reading practice. Each student will read aloud during this session. The reading material is meaningful and suitable for intermediate level. Questions are asked before, during, and after the read aloud session to encourage reading comprehensive.
  • In the last part we will have the comprehensive training. One example is roll and play. Each student will select a role and act out the activity shown. Another example is to retell the material content. These interesting activities is beneficial to student’s comprehensive language skills especially the reading skill.


  • The difficulty of Level 2 is equivalent to the level of MLP 3rd Grade or 4th Grade.
  • Classes in July and August have different Topics and Contents. You can register for either July or August classes respectively, or you can register for both.