CSL-Level 1 Prep In August (3-5yr Sunday 10-10:45am in August CSL104)

$120.00 $120.00

Course Description

CSL Courses are designed for non-heritage speakers. We offer fun, meaningful, engaging, and performance-based learning experience, focusing on listening and speaking communication skills. Students will be able to perform the following specific tasks in Chinese by the end of the program.


Yanyi Fang from TongYan School


3-5 yrs

Class Time

Every Sunday 10:00– 10:45 am (EST)

From August 8th – August 29th

4 weeks in total

Course Features

The is Topic-based course. Teacher will utilize audio-visual and spoken teaching methods to stimulate students’ interest in learning Chinese. The topics of the summer program include the following:

  • Siberian Tiger
  • Black Widow Spider
  • Cheeta
  • Nile Crocodile


  • Classes in July and August have different Topics and Contents. You can register for either July or August classes respectively, or you can register for both.