CSL-Level 1 (3-5yr Saturday 9-9:45am CSL101)


Course Description

  • CSL Courses are designed for non-heritage speakers. We offer fun, meaningful, engaging, and performance-based learning experience, focusing on listening and speaking communication skills. Students will be able to perform the following specific tasks in Chinese by the end of the program:


Yanyi Fang from TongYan School


3- 7 yrs old

Class Time

Every Saturday 9:00 – 9:45  am (EST)

From Jan 16th – May. 1st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021  Spring Break


Main Topics: 

  • Read and write Pinyin
  • Count and write Chinese numbers
  • Know the origin and strokes of Chinese characters, and be able to recognize and write some frequently used Chinese characters
  • Tell, read and write dates, day, and year
  • Greet and say good-bye
  • Ask and tell their names and ages
  • Recognize and read colors
  • Tell body parts and clothes
  • Introduce professions
  • Introduce means of transportations
  • Describe their families, friends, and pets