Chinese Reading Club (6+yr Saturday 11-12pm CHR101)


Course Description
  • The Chinese reading club at TongYan school is an organized small-sized study group. The goal is to bring joy and confidence into Chinese reading and to improve reading comprehension in the Chinese language.
Teacher Liyun Ma from TongYan School
Age 6+ yrs old
Class Time

Every Saturday 11:00 – 12:00  pm (EST)

From Jan 16th – May. 1st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021  Spring Break


  • Our club meeting usually starts with story time. Each week the teacher will choose a very interesting and fun book to share with the readers.  Over the semester we will read wide ranging subjects of picture books, comic books and books with hidden features.
  • The second part of the club meeting is the read-aloud session. The reading materials are chosen at the right level for the readers in the class so they will be able to read 90% of the material. Questions are asked  before, during, and after the read aloud session to encourage reading comprehension.  Readers will be assigned with characters to act out the story by reading and playing different roles.
  • We also have lots of fun activities such as Chinese board games and Chinese song karaoke. One example of the games is roll and play. Readers will roll the big plush cube, then select a card with the matching color and act out the activity shown. The activities are written in Chinese on each card.
  • We have a 20 minutes per week reading assignment for readers participating in the club. The reading logs are kept in a star chart form. Those readers who completed all reading assignments will get a small prize at year end.


  • Teacher’s feedback:
  • A book club for kids is one of the best ways to combine learning and fun. Our reading club has successfully associated joy, fun and friendship with reading in Chinese for our young readers. It’s wonderful to see the special gleam in the kids’ eyes and big smiles on their faces when they enjoy the stories together.