Chinese Painting Saturday 2pm 诗情画意国画启蒙


Course Description In this beginners’ class, your child will finish 14 paintings while learning about Chinese poems, folktales, and idioms. By painting the scenes and stories, children will gain further understanding about Chinese culture and be able to appreciate the beauty of Chinese literature and art. No prior knowledge about watercolor or Chinese painting is required. But students do need to understand Chinese, preferably be able to read and write.
Teacher Zhi Luo from Tong Yan School
Age  4.5 +
Class Time

 Every Saturday 2:00-3:00  pm (EST)

From Jan 23th – May 8st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021   Spring Break

  • Chinese Poems | 唐诗宋词

Chinese poetry has a long history and high esthetic value. Readers who engage esthetically with Chinese poetry would feel the sense of beauty naturally. Teacher will demonstrate paintings which capture the simplicity and beauty that children can follow easily.

  • Chinese Folktales | 神话传说

Chinese folktales is important culture heritage. It is fun to learn about and can inspire children to explore their imagination.

  • Chinese Idioms | 成语故事

Traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions are widely used in daily life and literature. To learn about the story of the expressions will help children learn to be able to use them properly. The idioms carefully chosen in this course are not only common but also fun. Children will be able to enjoy the story and paint it themselves.