Chinese One on One Private Class by 朴老师



Course Description

This class is an one-on-one private class by Renyu Piao.


Renyu Piao from TongYan School


3+ yrs

Class Time

From August 8th – August. 29th

Course Features

  • Immersive Chinese teaching mode.
  • Combining vocabulary teaching with children’s songs teaching, listening, speaking, reading and writing ability develops comprehensively.
  • Theme-based vocabulary teaching to increase the interest of learning.
  • Multimedia assisted teaching to cultivate children’s interest in learning.
  • A variety of practical exercises to strengthen language input and output.
  • Interesting interactive sessions, allowing children to learn Chinese in a relaxed classroom atmosphere.
  • Emphasize the writing practice of Chinese characters, master the traditional Chinese calligraphy.
  • Optional learning content:
    • MLP Grade K /1/2/3/4;
    • Extracurricular Reading;
    • Other content based on personal learning need;