Chinese Level 2 (3rd Grade+) In Person Class


Course Description This semester, our focus is Shuangshuang Chinese Book. We will focus on topics that are related to our students’ daily lives every week to help them learn and accumulate new vocabulary. Students will also be able to read and write simple characters related to these topics at the end of the month. Classic Chinese folktales will be incorporated throughout the month so that students can also be exposed to Chinese culture.
Teacher Yanyi Fang from Brighter Bee Academy, graduated from New York University, is passionate about teaching and sharing Chinese language and culture with children. Given her past experience teaching in Sishu Chinese Language School in New York, Koo Chinese Academy in New Jersey, Maylan International Academy in Atlanta and All Round Education Academy in Hong Kong, along with her academic background in linguistics, she is confident in her ability to be a highly effective teacher for students. She focuses on the individual needs of the students and takes into consideration their different backgrounds with the subject in order to make them feel comfortable and to help them learn. Teacher also assigns some interesting and engaging learning projects for the students, in order to stimulate learners and support them to become more proactive, exploratory, and cooperative.
Age 8+ yrs
Textbook / Material Handout will be sent by email
Class Time

Every Wednesday 3:30 – 4:30pm(EST)
Sep 15th – Jan. 26th (No Class Nov. 24th, Dec. 29th)  We have in total 18 classes.

Location In person Class at World of ABC Waldo School