Chess USCF 1000-1400 Summer Saturday 10:00AM

$240.00 $240.00

Course Description Our Chess Program is led by National Champion and National Master Sazci brothers.

There are in total 8 weeks in 2021 Summer semester.

Teacher Bilgen Sazci from TongYan School
Age  5+
Class Time

Every Saturday 10:00 – 11:00  am (EST)

From July 10th – Aug 28th
8 weeks in total


1. The Fischer Trap: “Sicilian”
2. Playing Games against the Sicilian: The Trap, the Legend
3. Analyzing Games about the Sicilian
4. Tal’s Immortal Game and his play style
5. Playing games: Finding Tal In the Board
6. Student game analysis: Going In-Dept into the Opponent
7. Learning Polgar’s style
8. Applying what we learned into games
Assessment  Take placement test to decide which level to register.