Chess Level 4 Saturday Online 4-5pm


Course Description Our Chess Program is led by National Champion and National Master Sazci brothers.

This is Online Zoom Class
Teacher  Bilgen Sazci from TongYan School
Age  5+
Class Time

Every Saturday 4-5pm (EST)

From Sep 11th – Dec 18th
No Class on Nov. 27th

14 weeks in total


Chess level 4

    1. The 7th and 8th ranks
    2. The Passed Pawn
    3. Exchanging Pieces: Positional Play
    4. The Elements of Endgame Strategy
    5. The Pin and How to take advantage of it
    6. Discovered Check and How to use it.
    7. The Pawn Chain: Opening, Middle Game and Endgame
    8. Positional Play: Unlocking the Secrets
    9. The Double Pawn and Restraint
    10. The Isolated Pawn and Its Friends
    11. The Power of Bishop Pair
    12. Overprotection: Is it Necessary?
    13. Maneuvering Against Weaknesses
    14. Illustrative Games: Applying the Course Knowledge 
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