Chess Level 1+ Friday 4:30PM


Course Description Our Chess Program is led by National Champion and National Master Sazci brothers.

There are in total 20 weeks in 2021 Spring semester.

Teacher Gensay Sazci from Brighter Bee Academy
Age  5+
Class Time

 Every Friday 4:30-5:30  pm (EST)

 From Jan 8th – Jun. 18th
20 weeks in total
No class on


(Level 1 and Level 1+ of Fall should continue with this level)

  1. Defending Against a Pin

  2. Piece Mobility: Importance and Trapping

  3. Chess Opening: 4 Knights and Italian Opening

  4. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  5. Introduction to 2 Move Checkmates

  6. Chess Tactics: Sacrifice and Double Check

  7. Elimination of Defense: Double Attack

  8. Elimination of Defense: Blocking

  9. Chess Opening: Scotch and Evan’s Gambit

  10. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  11. Chess Tactics: Introduction to Discovered Attacks and Discovered Checks

  12. Punishing The Copycat: When To and Not To Copy

  13. Famous Checkmates: Anastasia’s and Arabian Mate

  14. Middle Game: Importance of Pawn Structure: Isolated, double, triple pawn islands

  15. Endgame Techniques: Pawn endgame

  16. Endgame Techniques: Single Rook Mate Techniques

  17. Chess Tactics: Rampant Rook and Perpetual Checks

  18. Game Analysis: Course Review

  19. Smothered Checkmate Technique

  20. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

Assessment  Take placement test to decide which level to register.