Chess Level 0 Saturday (Absolute Beginner) 11:00AM

$410.00 $410.00

Course Description Our Chess Program is led by National Champion and National Master Sazci brothers.

There are in total 14 weeks in 2021 Spring semester.

Teacher  Gensay Sazci from TongYan School
Age  5+
Class Time

Every Saturday 11:00 – 11:45  am (EST)

From Jan 16th – May. 1st
14 weeks in total
No class on
2/13/2021   Spring Festival
3/27/2021   Spring Break


(Absolute Beginner)

  1. Introduction to Chess: Rules, board, notation, names of the pieces and moving the bishop rook and queen

  2. Moving the pieces: King, Pawn and Knight

  3. Special moves, point system and Checks

  4. Checkmate Basics: How to do a checkmate

  5. Stalemate Basics: What is it, is it good or not do it

  6. Practice playing and Capturing Pieces

  7. 4 Principles and How to Start a Game

  8. Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer

  9. Exploiting Position, Winning Material

  10. Fool’s Mate and Lighting Attack: How to do it and how to defend it

  11. Playing against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  12. Endgame Basics: Pawn, rook, knight, bishop and queen

  13. Endgame Basics: Double Rook and Single Queen Mate Techniques

  14. Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer

Assessment  Take placement test to decide which level to register.