Chess Level 0 Free Trial Class Wednesday Online 7:15-8pm

Course Description Our Chess Program is led by Gensay Sazci.

This class is for Absolute Beginner Students.

This is Online Zoom Class
Teacher Gensay Sazci
Age  5+
Class Time

Every Wednesday 7:15 – 8pm (EST)

From Oct. 20


(Absolute Beginner) level 0

  1. Introduction to Chess: Rules, board, notation, names of the pieces and moving the bishop rook and queen
  2. Moving the pieces: King, Pawn and Knight
  3. Special moves, point system and Checks
  4. Checkmate Basics: How to do a checkmate
  5. Stalemate Basics: What is it, is it good or not do it
  6. Practice playing and Capturing Pieces
  7. 4 Principles and How to Start a Game
  8. Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer
Assessment  Take placement test to decide which level to register.