Chess Level 0 extension Saturday 11:00AM

$180.00 $180.00

Course Description Our Chess Program is led by National Champion and National Master Sazci brothers.

This is a 6-week extension session of 2021 Spring semester to help students get well prepared for next level.

Teacher  Gensay Sazci from TongYan School
Age  5+
Class Time

Every Saturday 11:00 – 11:45  am (EST)

From May 8th – June 19th
6 weeks in total
No class on
5/29/2021 Memorial Day weekend


  1. Exploiting Position, Winning Material

  2. Apply the Course Knowledge in Practice

  3. Defending Against Checkmate

  4. Defending Against Double attack

  5. First Game Analysis

  6. Course Review with Puzzles Battle and Game Play

Assessment  Take placement test to decide which level to register.