AMC 8 Prep – online – Mon 7:00pm


Course Description

This course is to build a solid background for students completing elementary Math Olympiad curriculum and looking to pursue the next level of mathematics, and/or for the students prepared to take the fun and challenge of AMC series of Math Contests or its equivalence. Particularly, we are going to focus on the transition from understanding a broad array of basic math knowledge and techniques to better calculation proficiency, organized logical derivation, and deeper understanding of advanced math concepts. The goal is to train students to master mathematical knowledge in a systematic way and to better adapt to the competitive math.

Teacher Dr. Qin from Brighter Bee Academy
Class Time

Every Monday 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (EST)

90 minutes per class

From 9/13/2021 –  12/13/2021

14 Sessions in Total

Prerequisite Please contact us to request Placement Test
Main Topics
  1. Arithmetic properties and four way calculations with opposite numbers
  2. Division and reciprocal, more arithmetic properties
  3. Intro to equations and equivalent transformations
  4. Applications of equations
  5. Intro to system of equations
  6. Applications of system of equations
  7. Understanding fractions intuitively
  8. Rule of calculations and comparison with fractions
  9. Fractions, word problems and four way calculations
  10. Decimals, fractions and conversions
  11. Line segments
  12. Advanced topics (when time allows)