3rd Grade English Literature



Course Description This course is designed to supplement the English Language Arts learning that takes place in an upper elementary classroom. Ms. Sydney teaches students how to break works down using a unique method and she imparts foundational language skills that enable her students to excel in their schoolwork and standardized ELA testing.
Teacher Sydney Hoff from Brighter Bee Academy

Ms. Sydney completed her literature teacher training at the Center for Lit, an organization that has developed an excellent methodology called Teaching the Classics that helps students to understand and connect to classic works of literature. This methodology emphasizes the Socratic method and Ms. Sydney employs this strategy of teaching through asking purposeful questions in each of her classes. Students learn not what to think, but rather how to think.Ms. Sydney is also a Registered Instructor at The Institute for Excellence in Writing. She will incorporate various IEW writing principles and techniques into the lessons in this course. Students will receive substantive feedback from Ms. Sydney on each of their writing assignments.

Grade 3rd Grade
Textbook / Material Book: https://charter.memoriapress.com/curriculum/literature-and-poetry/charlottes-web/
Student Workbook: https://charter.memoriapress.com/curriculum/literature-and-poetry/charlottes-web-student-guide/
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Class Time

Every Tuesday  3:30- 4:30 pm (EST)

From Jan 5th – Jun. 15th
20 weeks in total
No class on

Class Detail In this course, third grade students will read yet another novel by E. B. White: the beloved and timeless Charlotte’s Web. Students will read independently throughout the week, completing vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, and brief writing assignments for homework. Ms. Sydney will lead classroom discussions that explore themes, similes, metaphors, characterization, and other literary devices, with the goal of understanding how these devices contribute to the work as a whole. Through such guided conversations, students will learn how to evaluate literature thoughtfully and systematically. There will be various writing assignments incorporated throughout the semester.